sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2012

Flores de Papel

Today I was impressed by the beautiful paper flowers at the talented Joan’s blog and wanted to try making something similar. These flowers remind me of the paper stars I made before Christmas

You will need: Scraps of pretty paper, wire, a needle, wire cutter and buttons. If you want you can use my template (click here) or make your very own fantasy flowers.

Start by cutting out all the parts. Place the pieces together with a button on top. Take a needle and make two holes through all layers, as shown above. Thread the wire through the holes and wrap the short end around the long at the back, to secure it all. Cut the ”stem” as short or long as you want it.

Make a bouquet of the flowers (no watering needed!) Or as in the collage at the top - decorate a gift box, wrap a flower around a wine glass or use it as a napkin holder!

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